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Feature Packages - Our Answer To Right-Sizing KYC and Fraud

Our Answer To The Need for Right-Sizing KYC and Fraud Prevention With A Few Clicks

Marino Pernia on Mar 9th 2023

At Zenpli, we understand the complexities of KYC and fraud prevention in Latin America. There must be more than a one-size-fits-all solution for these crucial building blocks of many regional digital businesses, from Enterprise to Startups. In our view, KYC and fraud solutions should be tailored to the specific needs of the use case for digital onboarding because generic solutions create inefficiencies, can miss relevant regulatory gaps, or leave businesses exposed to 3rd party fraud. The latter happens because generic solutions cannot cover different use cases' varying scopes and challenges. For example, the main concern for account activation at a neo-bank taking deposits is meeting regulatory compliance, versus a marketplace originating credit card accounts primarily concerned with synthetic identity fraud.

To conquer this challenge where no two businesses are the same, today we’re releasing seven new Feature Packages that run on top of our Platform. These Feature Packages are ready to help meet the specific needs of KYC and fraud for a myriad of enterprises and startups in Mexico through just 1-single API integration that delivers a powerful 360o identity decision for each user. We’re excited about this release because it enables us to expand our service offering to more customers and to meet new account activation use cases deployed through a few clicks within the same underlying platform.

If you’re a lender, a neo-bank, a marketplace, a platform, or another digital business in Mexico, launching these Feature Packages can help propel your business forward with ease and accuracy. At Zenpli, we’re driven to manage KYC and fraud complexity through a single modular API, no matter the use case. To learn more about how we can help you, visit our API docs or contact us today.