The all-in-one identity decisioning platform for LatAm


Introducing Zenpli

Who We Are

Hi! We’re Zenpli, a B2B software company founded in 2021 that enables LatAm fintechs and other providers of digital products and services to run identity decisioning with one single integration. By making it extremely simple, our customers are able to safely onboard more clients quicker, more accurately, and at a lower cost.

Our Purpose

The team at Zenpli understands the value of onboarding a new client. Businesses grow when clients get access to a product or service and clients get the benefit of an innovation that improves their quality of life. However, we’ve experienced first-hand how poorly executed identity decisioning can halt progress. As engineers, data scientists, product managers, and finance professionals with experience in leading regional fintechs and global blue-chips, we’ve seen repeated requests for sensitive personal information, lengthy delays, outright denial and/or abandonment of services. In a market with a population eager for social mobility and with over 75% Latin Americans now having access to digital innovation via smartphones, it's imperative that account activation becomes seamless.

Turns out that this is a data problem. Innovators are trying to answer three elemental questions before onboarding a customer:

  1. Is this person real?
  2. Is this person who they say they are?
  3. Can we do business with this person?

We started Zenpli because we believe that while identity decisions are mission critical, they shouldn’t distract companies from their core business. We are convinced that identity decisioning require a specialist that is constantly perfecting the process so that innovators can access more accurate onboarding decisions and unlock valuable resources that would otherwise be earmarked.

Why Us

We are bringing to LatAm a new way to make identity decisions. No more managing 8-12 data vendor integrations (and maintenance) or enduring prolonged data procurement processes for every single identity domain (national id, email, phone, address, IP address, social media, biometrics, etc…). And, finally no more complex in-house decision-models that imperfectly evaluate business rules against user data. This is too much heavy lifting when there is a long product backlog filled with growth objectives.

At our core, we understand that:

  • Someone’s digital identity is a jigsaw puzzle with multiple pieces and that no two puzzles are the same;
  • We need to make it easy for our customers to access an ever growing, best-in-class data environment in order to ensure that identity decisions are highly accurate;
  • We have to develop extensive capabilities to find connections and correlations within this data rich environment, yet do so with minimal input from our customers and their users; and
  • Identity decisioning has a direct impact on CAC/LTV and that aligning our efforts to deliver a superb ROI is paramount to ensure innovators improve their conversion rates and achieve sustainable growth;

The best part is that we just ask our customers to:

  1. Define the user attributes that they collect; and
  2. Set their business rules and risk appetite.

That is it - KYC, AML, and fraud prevention made easy for any digital transaction.

We’re excited about the next 10 years as more digital innovation disrupts the LatAm market and about being a critical component of this transformation. Our road starts in Q3 in Mexico and sees us expanding across LatAm soon after. Come join us!