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Information security, privacy, and data protection are in our DNA. This page provides information about Zenpli’s security program.

Program Highlights

Data Security

Zenpli encrypts data at rest and in transit. Access to keys and secrets shall be tightly controlled in-line with industry best practices.

Application Security

Zenpli uses high-quality monitoring tools to ensure our software development practices are secure. In addition, Zenpli is committed to having third-party experts evaluate our applications through penetration tests to proactively spot any vulnerabilities.

Infrastructure Security

Zenpli uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) to host our applications, providing a secure back-bone for our products. Also, our applications are deployed in containers.

Engaging Our Security Team

Our security team is available to address any concern and can be reached at infosec@zenpli.com.

Third-party Attestation

Zenpli has obtained and maintains SOC2 type I certification.

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