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Help our customers grow by seamlessly preventing identity fraud and ensuring regulatory compliance

Our Story
Identity risk is a massive problem that halts progress for society. Humans require trust to transact and as we increasingly do it online, there is no sure-fire way to ensure that behind the screen there is a real person and that the person is who they say they’re. The problem is getting worse as new threats emerge daily and AI turbo-charges fraudsters.

Managing identity risk is about building a complex jigsaw puzzle out of fragmented data to accurately construct someone’s digital identity. In LatAm, data vendors offer piece-meal solutions that fall short. This is why it’s not uncommon to see companies in the region managing 6-8 vendors and multiple sets of hard-coded rules, manual review processes, and identity fraud rates above global averages.

Zenpli is different - we’re tackling the modern identity risk challenge head-on. We’ve built tools and intelligence to solve the trust gap for digital innovators in the region.

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