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Information security, privacy, and data protection are in our DNA. This page provides information about Zenpli’s security program.

  • Program Highlights
  • Engaging our Security Team

Program Highlights

Data Security

Zenpli encrypts data at rest and in transit. Access to keys and secrets shall be tightly controlled in-line with industry best practices.

Application Security

Zenpli uses high-quality monitoring tools to ensure our software development practices are secure. In addition, Zenpli is committed to having third-party experts evaluate our applications through penetration tests to proactively spot any vulnerabilities.

Infrastructure Security

Zenpli uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) to host our applications, providing a secure back-bone for our products. Also, our applications are deployed in containers.

Engaging Our Security Team

Our security team is available to address any concern and can be reached at infosec@zenpli.com.

Third-party Attestation

Zenpli has obtained and maintains SOC2 type I certification.