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Regulatory DNA
Zenpli continuously develops proprietary intelligence about local KYC/KYB regulations, making our tools uniquely positioned to simplify meeting compliance requirements. Out-of-the box, regulation-ready to streamline compliance.
Smart Decisioning
Zenpli smartly orchestrates flows requiring less data from the user, yet ensuring compliance. This avoids silos improving decision-making, but also reduces KYC/KYB costs.
Plug & Play The Required Data
Zenpli’s tools are connected to all the required data you need to run KYC/KYB under a single roof. No matter the use case, forget the challenge of having to pool fragmented data.
Customize your rules to multiple use cases using simple, yet powerful risk logic without having to take time from your engineering team. This optimizes your resources and ensures that your KYC/KYB processes have no gaps.