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We take care of fraud prevention and KYC, so you can focus on growing your business
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All you need to scale
Connect to Zenpli and tap into a single-source for all of the tools and intelligence needed for fraud prevention and compliance. Built for speed and reliability, Zenpli is there to scale alongside you.
Launch Faster
Zenpli’s tools work out-of-the-box so you can get going with less. We have all the data connections needed and pre-built business logic, to get your products to market faster.
Future Proof
Identity risk is a moving target, especially in the world of Gen AI. Integrate with Zenpli knowing that your fraud and compliance defenses stay-up-to date over time without hassle.
Simplify Your Operations
Free-up the time-spent by engineering, product, legal, data security, and operations handling the identity risk challenge. Zenpli’s power tools are simple to integrate, configure, and maintain relative to in-house solutions.

Use Cases

Lending and Credit Cards
Designed for consumer lending and credit cards, Zenpli’s tools leverage deep credit and fraud expertise to maximize loan origination and limit losses.
Built for deposit accounts and compliant by default, Zenpli’s tools combine regulatory, fraud, and technology to securely ensure that you open accounts with a breeze.
Payment Companies
Born to enhance payment transactions, Zenpli’s tools facilitates regulatory compliance to ensure that flows are kept secure.
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