Identity R&D

Identity expertise to future-proof our tools with market intelligence and best-practices
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Fraud Market Intel

Think like a fraudster
Get a glimpse on the fraudster’s mindset, wishes and desires through immersive monitoring of websites, social media, messaging apps, and other public forums.
Identity Fraud Factory
Knowing that fraudsters can create fake and synthetic identities in bulk with generative AI, informs how the battlefield of identity risk expands continuously.
Fraudster ROI
Understanding the economics available for bad actors in different industry verticals, ensures that the right tools are deployed to defend against the enemy.
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Metrics & Analytics

Funnel Optimization
Spot opportunities to optimize conversion rates and CAC by adjusting depth, breath, and order of identity verification steps across an onboarding funnel.
Vulnerability Scores
Identify trends, seasonality, and vulnerability gaps across industries and types of fraud attacks, ensuring companies have a fairer fight.
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KYC & AML Guides

Ready to Implement
Regulatory guidelines to facilitate implementation of KYC and AML at regulated institutions like IFPE, Instituciones de Crédito, and others in Mexico. 
Data Collection Methods
Creative, yet compliant ways to collect relevant user data without adding friction is key to better KYC execution.
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