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The Right Lens: Users
Fraudsters are specialists at manipulating transaction-based solutions. Zenpli's tools analyze the user behind the transaction, making it harder for fraudsters to decipher the safeguards in-place to prevent their attacks.
Wider Net, No silos
Zenpli’s tools pack the widest offering of connected identity data in the market paired with advanced machine learning, all under a single roof. Silos become a thing of the past, eliminating vulnerabilities.
Know The Enemy, Win
Zenpli continuously develops proprietary intelligence about attack methods, making our tools uniquely positioned to win the battle against fraudsters. Out-of-the box, future-proofing to stay ahead in the game.
No Safety/Friction Tradeoff
Get the right fraud prevention that adapts to evolving threats without compromising your user experience. Zenpli’s tools run deep-analytics silently and in the background to deliver accurate results with no need for user engagement.