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Get a precise identity risk number (and more)

Connected data, less risk
Built to analyze in real-time the activity levels of attributes tied to a user’s digital footprint - name, phone, email, IP, social, and more - in one single place, making it easy to spot good and bad identities.
Advance machine learning, stop fraud
Make it hard for fraudsters with fabricated or manipulated identities to gain access to your product with a model built on proprietary labels and deep understanding of fraud tactics in LatAm.
Ready-to-act insights, better decisions
Leverage 100s of cleansed and standardize insights with each score to enhance your own risk decisioning-tools.
Extra layer, enhanced intelligence
Complement (or even outperform) traditional high-friction, low-performance verification methods, such as document checks, with the power of connected digital footprint data.

Goodbye identity fraud noise

Reduce fraud

Catch bad actors with higher precision and avoid financial losses

More intelligence with no friction

Smarter decisions based on identity data you already collect

Stay ahead of the game

Avoid emerging fraud trends in digital identity fabrication and manipulation with a unified diagnosis of someone’s digital footprint

Fraud expert on your side

More than 50 years of combined experience in fraud-prevention and digital infrastructure products to help you grow faster and more securely without the hassle.

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